A laminate wood flooring job that we did. The wood goes from the living room here, down the hall and into the master
bedroom, and wraps back around another hallway, around 650 sq. ft. of flooring.
Another laminate wood flooring job. This one came up the stairs, going into the laundry room here, and down the
hallway towards the bedrooms. This hallway has 4 different 45 degree turns that we had to follow around.
These are the stairs that we wrapped with the laminate wood, and put stair nosing on each step. We trimmed it out with
the 1/4 round that matches.
This is a tile deco rug that we designed, fabricated, and installed in a custom home. We laid all of the tile around it as
well. We used only 2 different colors of travertine in the rug pattern. We are very pleased how this one turned out.